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OpenOffice 3 has a convenient Wizard to help you convert documents from Microsoft Office or Star Office. Choose File on the Menu Bar and Wizards and Document Converter. This window will open that will allow you to begin the process.

The process will transform the documents into the new OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) standard XML format. One major advantage of XML is that the actual size of your documents will be considerably less. The binary format, a collection of zeros and ones, is used by other office suites and it just takes more hard drive space to store these binary files. It may be a smart idea to back up all files before conversion. Choose which Office Suite files you will need to convert, and create a log file of the changes.

The next dialog window will ask you to locate where your Microsoft Office or Star Office documents are located. This process will also convert your templates.

When you move to the next window you may be asked to create a template folder to save the new templates that are converted. You will follow this process with Word, Excel and Power Point documents as well as Star Office documents if you are converting them.

When you have finished details of conversion you will be presented with a Summary window. It is wise to review this closely so that you understand exactly what is about to happen.

If you have reviewed the information and you are satisfied choose Convert, otherwise go back and make the changes that you need. This process will then make all of the necessary changes.

This process of conversion is not without hazards so be sure you carefully backup your data so you can go back if you have to. Macros, especially with Excel macros, may not convert fully in the process so you will need to verify the changes. If the conversion is not complete you may have to create new macros by hand in OpenOffice to make the migration complete.


Written by Andrew Weber

October 17, 2008 at 11:56 am

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